Heavy Duty Folding Directors Camping – Tailgating Chairs

Heavy Duty Folding Directors Camping – Tailgating Chairs

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If you’re someone who’s had enough of squatting around a camp fire, or sitting on wet grass then you probably can already guess some of the reasons folding camping chairs have become so popular over the last few years.
But some people have been put of camping chairs by the old fashioned deck chair or folding wooden chairs that were about as comfortable as s sitting on a brick.
Wow, how my butt used to hurt after sitting down for a meal on one of those. Luckily that is no more. A modern folding camping chair comes in a huge variety of styles, sizes, shapes and price. You can get them with beer holders, foot rests and even canopies to keep the Sun (or maybe even rain off).

The big question that remain s is just how comfortable are modern camping chairs?
Well, that’s an easy one to answer modern folding camping chairs are very very comfortable. — If you get one that fits you.
After all if you’re a 19stone guy, and your wife is an 8 stone 5′ foot tall petite women, then you wouldn’t expect to fit in the same clothes, would you? So how come people expect to be comfortable on the same camp chair?
It really makes no sense to be uncomfortable.

Heavy duty folding directors camping chairs
The good news is that if you’re average weight and height, then most adult chairs are going to be absolutely fine for you. But if you’re a really big guy or gal. Or alternatively a petite guy or gal then you may need to be a little more careful in choosing the perfect chair for you.
Also, modern chairs come in designs that are suitable for kids too, and one of the great things about these is the fantastic designs that these chairs come in – kids love them!! And happy kids mean happy parents, right?

So if you’re planning a camping trip, a car picnic or even just planning to use you new folding camping chairs in the garden when you have a barbecue and you’re out of the norm in terms of size or weight just make sure you get a chair that actually is designed for you.
Having a chair that fits you will make you so much more comfortable. Almost like you’re being supported and cuddled by a big friendly teddy bear, as you sit, drink in hand enjoying time with your friends and family.
Here’s a review of the features to pay attention to.

Size – getting the right size chair is crucial, because as I mentioned above, it’s easy to get a chair that fits if you’re around average size. But if you’re outside the norm, go for something bigger, or smaller to suit you and your body. The pleasure you get in your chair will be worth that little extra effort.

Material – Having strong durable materials of manufacture is important, but to be honest, almost all chairs nowadays come with these as standard.

Weight – If you’re only going to be using your chairs in the garden the weight isn’t going to be an important factor. But, if you’re going to want to move a chair around, then avoid really heavy chairs. Luckily almost every modern folding camping chair is lightweight.

Portability – It’s important that your chair is a folding design so that you can pack it away easily when you’re through with it, giving yourself extra space at home. This is also important when you’re travelling as you want to be able to pack it away easily.

Price – You don’t have to go for the most expensive. Personally, I’d say get one that suits your budget, but avoid the very cheap folding camping chairs; it’s just not worth the risk.
Having said all of that there are so many great chairs out there, the final decision might just come down to which chair looks best to you.

Best Heavy Duty Folding Camping Directors Chair Reviews – Best Heavy Duty Stuff

Having a heavy duty camping directors chair is a great investment for camping, tailgating or sitting out in the backyard. You can get them in different weight capacities if you need one for over 250 pounds, 300 or 500 pounds. The directors chair style also comes in an option of regular height or tall height.


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